Aug 132014

Let’s do an exercise of imagination and as the title says to imagine what kind of handbags would you buy with 1000$. For top designer handbags like Fendi, Alexander Wang or Balenciaga, 1000$ is not enough, but for some models of everyday bag they are more than enough.

Just for fun, I suggest you try the page on Amazon fashion from the left banner of the page because we can add items to the cart up to 1000$. That does not mean we will buy them, but perhaps are among us some ladies who will finally decide to buy something there. The reason is that I chose Amazon is because it is very easy to use. Therefore, for those who want to actually make the purchase, this is the easiest option.

If you want to add anything else besides handbags or purses, it’s not a problem, this is an exercise of imagination of what would you buy with 1000$. To be easier, click on the Amazon banner on the left that will take you directly to the section that interests us.

Good luck for your imaginary and maybe even real shopping exercise and feel free to leave a few comments on items or products that you have filled your cart.

May 282013

Genti originale Givenchy HDG Tote photo


I do not know if among the many original bags that I have presented so far I had any designer handbags from Givenchy, but if I didn’t, I now have the opportunity to show you Givenchy HDG Tote Bag  model.

This Givenchy HDG Tote Bag that comes to complete the collection of bags Pandora Box is an interesting model in several respects. Like the other original bags appeared lately it has expandable sides, but not like anything I’ve seen in house Givenchy.

It’s hard to say whether or not I like the bag. I like clean lines and somewhat geometric and even if I’m not crazy about expandable sides, they come to complete well the overall look of the bag, not to speak of the utility of this extra space. I like oversized handle, although some of you might find a little too high and if you don’t like it, you can always use the shoulder strap that comes in the same color as the sides.

The design is timeless, classic clear touches that fit very well these leather bags that give a touch of elegance to any outfit you matched with this bag, for the day or for the night.

The bag is not yet available, but if you want to be among the first who will enjoy this model, you can launch a pre-order Bergdorf Goodman.

May 222013

poseta rebecca minkoff mini affair photo


I’ve always been in love with quilted handbags range from Chanel, so Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair Bag could not leave me indifferent. The diamond-shaped and combined with leather chain is a classic and has already proven Chanel or Rebecca Minkoff can not go wrong following this recipe.

What I like most about this bag is that this is an everyday purse. It is the type of handbag for women that fit easily any outfit and mood that you have at some point. Whether classic dress with a knee length skirt and heels or if you dress casual shirt and jeans, the style of this bag is so versatile that it will look great in every situation!

In addition, the color is absolutely gorgeous and fits right with the season right where we are, yet reminding a clear summer day. This color combined with silver metal accessories and perfect finish that we had used from the house Minkoff give a luxurious look despite the fact that this is not an expensive handbag.

Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair Bag can be found at Shopbop.

Mar 252013
Original handbags - Balenciaga Papier A4 Leather Tote Bag

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Mar 052013
Original handbags - Dolce & Gabbana Miss Dolce Floral Raffia Satchel

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